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  • New photoshoot for ‘The New Potato’

    Apr 3
    posted by Summer


    Stephanie talks with ‘the new potato’ About Beauty, Travel, And Home Cooked Meals From Bobby Flay

    Apr 3
    posted by Summer

    You probably thought we’d be photographing Bobby Flay at GATO – his new NOHO hotspot that’s been making serious waves. Instead, we took a turn through the space with Flay’s wife, the gorgeous actress, writer and beauty mogul Stephanie March (known by many as the badass lawyer Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order SVU).

    There’s no better way to encourage a girl crush than to be an actress known for taking down bad guys, who’s also side-by-side with one of America’s most beloved chefs. As if that weren’t enough, March – who is also a Contributing Editor at Fathom – recently opened Rouge NY, a makeup salon in New York City for girls who want to get their makeup done in an easy and affordable way – and look natural and beautiful as a result. March let us in on weeknight dinners, Flay fridge mainstays and beauty regimes (believe me, after seeing this shoot, you’re going to want to know them).

    From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

    Just coffee to start. Honestly, a little fresh squeezed juice and really good espresso with milk. I am not a breakfast lover. About an hour later, I will happily consume a perfect croissant, a scrambled egg and some fruit or yogurt, but just a bit. The rest of the day is a moveable feast involving Bobby’s kale and mushroom paella, the most perfect lamb kabob ever made from Bukhara (in Delhi), tacos from everywhere around the world, and a plate of French fries. For dessert I will consume an absolutely perfect square of dark chocolate.

    What’s your drink?


    What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

    In the morning, hot water and L’Oreal Sun Milk SPF 50. At night, Cetaphil and Shiseido orL’Oreal night cream (any kind).

    A beauty mainstay you’ve never changed…

    Sea Breeze to clean my ears – the same since 1986.

    What are your favorite places to travel to? What won’t you travel without?

    India, Eastern Africa, Italy, and the Western USA. I will not travel without my sunscreen, a hardcover book, and a scarf – handy for all manner of covering heads, shoulders, and in a pinch, a bathing suit cover up.

    What are some pre and post shoot routines?


    What’s always in your bag on set?

    The New Yorker, lip balm, and my sides. And then someone else’s sides. And then another person’s sides. Because I am always losing my sides and lifting them off the crew.

    Words to act by…

    It could always be worse and we are being paid to pretend.

    Most memorable Law & Order: SVU episode ever and why…

    My first day of shooting. It was my birthday, we shot in the great city of New York, I was wearing a $1200 suit, and Dann Florek bought me a glass of champagne when we were done with the scene.

    What’s always in your onset trailer fridge?

    Water and a sad orange.

    Who stocks the fridge at home, you or your husband?  What’s always in it?

    We only have three things in our fridge at home: San Pellegrino, Fage yogurt (that’s pre-endorsement, by the way; we’ve always loved it) and champagne.

    What’s a typical weeknight dinner like from your husband?

    Right now it’s here at GATO, so the paella or the octopus, or the crab risotto. On other nights, I will request a protein and a vegetable and he will run with it. Needless to say, it’s terrific. The on-the-fly chicken, cashew curry was incredible.

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    Stephanie March Has Endometriosis and Doesn’t Care if You Know

    Mar 20
    posted by Summer

    If I were to tell you that I had a disease whose primary characteristic was the proliferation of cells that, like super glue, spread over my internal organs, crippling their ability to do whatever it is they are supposed to do, you would (as people do when I tell them) drop your jaw and stare horrified.You’d want to know the name of the disease, whether there was a cure, a national day of awareness or celebrity benefit that raised money for research and treatment. But if I were to tell you I had bad periods, your reaction might likely be a shrug, an “ooh-icky” nose crinkle, and possibly a “suck it up, bitch” eyebrow lift.

    Such is the problem with endometriosis, a disease that effects more than 170 million women worldwide (as much as breast cancer, diabetes or asthma), but which has gone almost-unbelievably under the public’s radar, thanks to a widespread misconception of the disease as a lady-parts problem involving hysterical anxiety, an over-achieving personality type and, according to one Italian study, above-average attractiveness.

    March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, and the push to bring the disease into common vernacular is on the agenda. The first ever Worldwide Million Women Endo March took place in more than 53 cities around the world last Thursday, March 13. In the U.S. the Endo March took place in Washington D.C., as organizers and participants sought to gain the attention of congressional representatives and health policy-makers.

    Hundreds of marchers (joined by thousands more online) braved frigid temperatures to rally on the National Mall.Sheryl Crow (a survivor of breast cancer but not endometriosis) performed an acoustic set in a cute ski hat, and Stephanie March (of Law & Order: SVU-fame, also a co-founder of RougeNY.com and a contributing editor for Fathom), was the day’s spokesperson, marching all the way to the Capital Building in a killer pair of stiletto boots. Wait, Stephanie March has endometriosis, you say? Yes, and Padma Lakshmi, Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper, Dolly Parton, Hilary Clinton— hang on, WHAT?! (If you didn’t already know, don’t feel bad; just “suck it up, bitch.”)

    The Endo March’s organizers made sure comfort and hospital stations were provided along route (i.e. toilets and doctors), so participators felt something they usually do not when traveling: safety. Because, normally, leaving the confines of our beds and bathrooms is tantamount to climbing Mt. Everest. Do we so-called “Endo Sisters” care, at this point, that you know all the gory details? I, for one, do not, but I can’t speak for other women who are in a position to help to the millions suffering in silence (see Sara Kaye’s recent piece on Endo forxoJane).

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    Stephanie at the Million Women March To End Endometriosis

    Mar 14
    posted by Summer


    Fathom: We’ll Take the Cannoli

    Mar 12
    posted by Summer

    Fathom contributing editor Stephanie March has been everywhere on earth, but this sunset in Sicily sounds like her best travel day ever. Ever.

    ERICE, Sicily – The single best cannoli I’ve ever had was in Erice, a small hilltop town in Sicily. I’m not a dessert person, and this is a tough call for me, but the memory of that cannoli will forever activate my salivary glands. Something about a group of Campari-soaked thirtysomethings piling into a sun-blasted funicular during an August sunset makes my belly smile.

    Five couples rented a house outside Marsala. We arrived without any luggage (lost in the bowels of Alitalia for three days) and skinny-dipped and drank our way through a sun-drenched, Sicilian dreamscape for nearly 48 hours. (Literally: a case of wine and four pasta courses.)

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    Stephanie attends “The Americans” Season 2 Premiere

    Feb 26
    posted by Summer